The Creative Arts


Art is taught in a purpose built, light and airy classroom. There is also a kiln available for pottery and children are often seen around the school using the beautiful grounds as a stimulus for their artwork.

One of the key events in the Art calendar is the popular Spring Art Exhibition. Parents and pupils thoroughly enjoy viewing the hundreds of stunning entries and voting for the ‘Pupils’ Choice Award’. The Art department makes every effort to ensure that each pupil, from Nursery to Y8, develops the confidence to contribute in class at their own individual level and pace, whilst at the same time encouraging them to work to the very best of their ability.


D&T is taught in a spacious and well-equipped workshop.  They are able to discover the different stages of the design process and the various tools, materials and techniques to turn their dreams and ideas into reality.  There is hardly anything more fulfilling for a pupil than to produce a quality item with their own imagination and their own hands: a rewarding tangible three-dimensional proof of their ability.  Tools are introduced carefully and every student has a chance to practise before embarking on the use of expensive materials for their main projects. Confidence in tool handling is built up progressively and more and more tools, machines and materials become available to the pupils throughout their time here.


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