Performing Arts

Thorngrove is renowned for its Performing Arts programme. Children are exposed to drama, dance and music at an early age and enjoy performing in front of their peers and parents on a regular basis.

Children have a specialist music teacher from Nursery up and they also have the chance to do ballet and contemporary dance as an activity.  Drama is taught as part of the English curriculum and from Year 3 as a separate subject by a specialist drama teacher.  Every child has the opportunity to be in productions whilst at Thorngrove.  In the past, the children have performed in shows including Bugsy Malone, The Rocky Monster Show and Grease.  

Throughout the year, trips are arranged to theatres locally and nationally including The Globe Theatre and the Watermill.  Music is big at Thorngrove.  Most children play an instrument and are involved in a plethora of ensembles and bands.  Music performances are common place and the summer concert is always a highlight.

Shrek the Musical
The Lion King



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