Care at Thorngrove

At Thorngrove we pride ourselves on our fantastic pastoral care. The family is at the heart of our ethos and we would like to think that the school is like an extended family.

When children arrive at Thorngrove, their first pastoral point of contact is the form teacher.  The form teacher ensures that the children settle comfortably into their new environment, and this will include not only enabling them to make friends quickly, but also to familiarise them with their daily routine both in and outside the classroom.  The form teacher is also the parents’ first port of call for any questions or concerns and the most effective way of reaching the form teacher is via email. 

In addition to the form teacher, each child at Thorngrove has a Head of Year who will have overarching responsibility for them pastorally and academically throughout their time in that section.  The Head of Year liaises on a daily basis with the form teachers to ensure that all children are happy and thriving in their cohort.  Mrs Gomez is Head of Years 3, 4 and 5 and Mr Radford is Head of Years 6, 7 and 8. 

Along with the form teacher and Head of Section, our Heads of House provide another important layer of pastoral care.  Every child at Thorngrove belongs to one of four Houses and stays within this House throughout their time at the school.  The four Houses are named after types of tree, which is very fitting for our country setting: AshOakRowanand Beech.  The Houses meet regularly each term and the family ethos of each House engenders strongly the spirit of teamwork, friendly competition, camaraderie and above all, friendship.  During the academic year, the Heads of House organise various events for the children and in the past, these have included roller discos, visiting magicians, sleepovers, quizzes to name but a few.  Children can also gain house points for their House by collecting merits; these can relate to manners and politeness, meritorious work, or being a good ambassador for the school through an event, match or project. In this way, the children are doing something of personal reward, but which also benefits their House and its community.

Our active School Council also provides the children with a forum for discussion, inclusion and change.  Each representative is drawn from every year group in the school (Reception to Year 8) and this forum is an important medium for pupil voice.  Along with our children providing us with some excellent ideas about how the school can run at its best, our older children in Year 8 act as ‘buddies’ to the younger children, helping them in the morning at registration, bringing them down to the twice-weekly assemblies, and seeing them at different times during the week. The school is a closely-knit community and Thorngrove has always been and will continue to be a warm and friendly school built on the premise that family and feeling part of a community matter.



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