Asound and thorough knowledge of the world of Science is a right of all children and an essential part of their school education, crucial to helping them to understand their life in the 21st Century.

Science is concerned with encouraging the mind to think about the world, and developing a ‘how and why’ approach that allows the individual to look beyond the basic facts, to question assumptions and see patterns and consequences that lie beneath data.

At Thorngrove, we believe that understanding Science helps children appreciate and relate to the rapidly changing and evolving world around them.  It teaches them to make observations, collect information and draw conclusions by being reflective and taking time to observe closely.  We encourage the children to value their mistakes by evaluating and learning from them in our safe environment. 

Our Science curriculum is designed to capture the students’ curiosity. We carry out a wide range of exciting and challenging experiments and investigations and believe that teaching practically is of utmost importance in making Science accessible and enjoyable to all.  Thorngrove pupils take their love of Science out of the lab, into the real world and bring back what they find out.