At Thorngrove all pupils start learning Latin in Year 6. We firmly believe that, whatever their ability, the study of Latin reinforces children’s understanding of the English language, as well as many other modern foreign languages.

Children are introduced to the language, vocabulary and grammar through the fun and engaging course Who Said Latin’s Dead? The colourful characters and humorous stories captivate children’s imaginations while the robust approach to grammar enables children to start translating both from and into Latin at an early stage. Their understanding of the vocabulary and grammar is continually reinforced in the classroom through a plethora of competitive games on Quizlet and Kahoot!.

The logical and code-breaking nature of translating Latin forms a rigorous element of language study. Pupils at Thorngrove thrive on the challenge of deciphering Latin texts, while at the same time increasing their grammatical and analytical skills. By the time our pupils reach Year 8 they will be fully prepared for entrance to their senior schools with several sitting scholarship examinations.

To complement the study of Latin, pupils enjoy learning about Homer’s Odyssey, the Trojan War and many other Greek Myths, all of which provide opportunities for creative writing, artwork and presenting to the rest of the class. Latin and Classics remain very much alive at Thorngrove!