Computing and ICT is an essential part of the curriculum. This generation of children are digital natives and require important lessons on how to use technology and the internet responsibly. At Thorngrove, children are given the opportunity to safely engage in technology from a young age. Children in the Lower School have access to Chromebooks and iPads to complete age-appropriate activities and projects.

 From Year 3 onwards, parents have the option to purchase a Chromebook for their child to continue their Computing learning journey. During the next few years, children have access to a variety of programmes ranging from Google suite for education, website creation, computer-aided design and interactive programmes, amongst others.

More advanced programmes are tackled from Year 6 allowing the children to stretch their knowledge of computers in an exciting and challenging way. They also do coding with the help of Scratch and JavaScript programming platforms. Lego Spike kits are introduced to give learners the opportunity to design, build and code with physical objects.