Reading is at the heart of everything we do in the English Department at Thorngrove. Our curriculum is designed around a collection of high quality texts which provide opportunities to explore important themes, different cultural settings, traditional and contemporary literature, the use of language and discussion and reflection. Each book is a springboard to developing essential speaking, listening and comprehension skills, writing for a range of audiences and purposes, and developing spelling, punctuation and grammar.

The reading journey for our pupils starts with stories, rhymes and songs for our youngest children, who respond to what they have heard through observations, questions and play. As they move through the Lower School, children read daily on a one-to-one basis and enjoy talking about their favourite books and characters. By the time pupils reach the Middle School they can spend up to a term exploring a book, learning in-depth how the writer has created a particular world. Upper School pupils are all issued with ‘Magpie Journals’ to ‘steal’ useful ideas from books which can spark their own creativity. They also have a yearly reading challenge which encourages them to explore a range of genres.

We want our children to develop a lifelong love of reading and we do all we can through quality texts, enthusiastic teaching, engagement in competitions, a school reading dog and special celebration days to foster that love. We find that the more ‘technical’ side of English comes much more easily and naturally if children enjoy their lessons and get hooked by a book!