Admissions Process

Children start in the Lower School (Nursery-Year 2) and move up to the Prep school in Year 3. Each child belongs to one of four houses: Ash, Beech, Oak and Rowan (siblings belong to the same house). There is one form entry into Nursery, Reception and Year 1 with two forms in each year group in the rest of the school. Children start school in September but are accepted at other times if there are spaces available.

Parents wanting to send their children to Thorngrove complete an application form and are asked for a deposit of £500 (refundable from the final term’s invoice).  If they subsequently decide not to attend, their deposit is forfeited. There is also a £50 registration fee applied.  

We welcome children of all denominations and nationalities.  A visit morning is arranged for children in the term prior to entry (known as a ‘Taster Day’).  A short assessment test is conducted by the school’s Head of LS. At this stage parents are advised on uniform, school hours etc.  They are sent a medical form to complete, showing any hearing and vision problems, allergies, operations etc.  If the children have come from another school, we will ask that school for a report and also inform the local authority of the child’s entry into the school.  At the point of application, and thereafter, prospective parents must fully disclose any learning support assessment or identified need, medical condition or disability, which could require specialist treatment, support or equipment, and any behavioural or disciplinary issues. This information is essential to assist with any interview or other pre-assessment screening. Please note that specialist/ behavioural/ disciplinary support may incur additional fees.  

Thorngrove School reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place if information becomes available that contravenes the criteria for admission. The offer of a place at Thorngrove will be subject to any financial obligations being met by parents at any other ISC affiliated school. Written confirmation of this may be required from that school before any offer is made.

If, in the opinion of the school, a child is not flourishing (because of a previously known, but not disclosed by parents or guardians, learning or behavioural difficulty), an alternative educational experience may be suggested. If reasonably possible a term’s notice would be given by the school.


The school reserves the right to exclude a child whose conduct (whether on or off school premises or in or out of term time) has been prejudicial to good order or school discipline or to the reputation of the School. Temporary or permanent exclusion is at the discretion of the Headmaster.  Please refer to the school’s Behaviour Policy.


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