Vision and Values

Thorngrove Vision


To create an environment that makes a purposeful difference to the lives of our pupils every day, whilst preparing them for the world they will inherit with confidence, inspiration and ultimately, achievement.

Thorngrove Vision statement:

At Thorngrove, we embrace the philosophy of “Pick Your Path”. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment that is kind, decent, and nurturing, fostering a sense of belonging within our community.

We recognise that every child is unique, and we celebrate this diversity by creating an atmosphere where students are not afraid to make mistakes, understanding that these are valuable opportunities for growth and learning. Our commitment is to guide each child to unfold their potential.

We go beyond traditional measures of success, allowing every child, regardless of their academic strengths, to shine by recognising and nurturing talents. This ensures that every student finds their place to excel, be it in academics, arts, sports, performing arts or other areas.

Pupils are encouraged through kindness and guided towards responsible decision-making and self-regulation.

Our school is not just a place of learning; it is a safe community where each member feels a profound sense of belonging. We promote inclusivity, fostering an environment where students learn from each other’s differences, and encourage independence in their learning journey.

Our goal is to empower independent learners who contribute to and shape their own educational experiences, preparing them for a future where they can confidently navigate the diverse challenges of the world.

Thorngrove Values:

      1.  Community Engagement:

  • Fostering a strong sense of community where younger and older students socialise, and feel connected to each other and the school.
  • Encouraging community involvement and a consistent sense of belonging within the community.

      2.  Empathy and Inclusion:

  • Cultivating empathy, kindness, and respect for diversity in all interactions.
  • Celebrating individuality and embracing various learning styles to create an inclusive environment.

      3.  Positive and Supportive Environment:

  • Promoting positivity, aspiration, and creativity in all aspects of learning and personal development.
  • Providing opportunities for every talent to be celebrated and recognised, fostering a culture of encouragement.

      4.  Transparency and Trust:

  • Building openness and trust between students, teachers, and the school community.
  • Creating an environment where children feel free to communicate.

      5.  Holistic Wellbeing:

  • Prioritising the holistic wellbeing of every individual through a diverse curriculum and a focus on mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • Nurturing a moral compass, honesty, and good discipline for personal and collective growth.