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BBC School Report

Year 7 and 8 pupils are involved in the BBC School Report News Day on Thursday 19th March. Our day has started early with pupils arriving from 7.20am to review the papers. Throughout the day they will be uploading reports on the stories that have interested them. Keep checking back to see their views on the the day's news.

Working breakfast
Pupils and parents braved the early morning to respond to the day's newspapers.

History of Thorngrove
Pupils at Thorngrove were keen to know how the school began. Mrs Broughton came in to share her experiences of how it started.

Photography winner
On Tuesday 17th March the pupils took part in the Thorngrove Art Competition Exhibition. Ben explains how he took his winning picture.

Noon News
Lucy and Phoebe present the news at Thorngrove

Douai Abbey Trip
Pupils reflect on their visit

Around the world
Pupils in Year 8 reflected on news and stories from around the world. They drew their information from newspapers and the internet.

U13 Girls' Sporting Success
Tabitha and Alice reflect on the busy sporting calendar they have had and the U13 team successes.

Images from our day
It has been a very busy day for the Thorngrove reporters.

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