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Upper School (10 -13 years)

Children at the top end of the school benefit from an exciting curriculum, strong pastoral support and opportunities to take on various roles of responsibility.

The syllabus for the Common Entrance 13+ is now followed.  Subject teachers are responsible for delivering the timetable for these age groups.  

The children will tend to move around the school going to specialist classrooms and teachers.  Every child will represent the school playing fixtures both at home and away on Wednesday afternoons. 

The Upper School perform an exciting production in the autumn term with every child involved either on the stage or behind the scenes. 

Several day trips and residential trips are arranged throughout the year to support the classroom curriculum.  There is a prep period at school between 4.00-5.00pm. 

Children showing outstanding academic, musical, dramatic, artistic or sporting potential will be encouraged to apply for scholarships to senior schools. 

Most children continue through to Year 8 in the Upper School, leaving Thorngrove well-rounded, confident and above all happy.

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